How to Yoga book illustrated book 8x8"

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You need more yoga, I need more yoga, the world needs more yoga!

This is a 92-page book filled with my yoga based illustrations, tips and tricks on improving your practice and answering some popular questions. The book will have some of my most popular illustrations and some never before seen ones too! All backers who purchase before January 1, 2019, will be mentioned in the book 

Some of the questions I’ll answer in my book :

The benefits of a regular practice

how to start a yoga practice 

how to practice if you’re not flexible 

How certain people naturally progress into complicated poses 

What is yoga philosophy?

Common obstacles in the practice

How to take yoga off the mat and into the world 

I have 100's of original illustrations (some never-before-seen ones too) to choose from and can't wait to start putting this together!!

Funds raised from January 2019 will go towards creating the book

  1. Buying a scanner for high-quality illustration scanning $50
  2. Paying a graphic designer to help lay out the book $800
  3. Paying a printer for 100 copies of the book printed in full colour! $1500
  4. Shipping costs $6-800
  5. flyers and stickers $50 Total cost estimate: $3-3200

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