Embracing Wellbeing Through Art 

Meet Alex Christie, an emerging, traditional illustrator based out of Montreal. She uses a mix of medias including pen and ink, alcohol markers and paints to create illustrations with an overarching theme of finding peace in a chaotic space. She draws a lot of inspiration from Vedic teachings and practices like yoga. She is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since her childhood. And has published 2 illustrated books since 2019, worked several private commissions globally (including Australia, Switzerland, England, and the USA) In addition to creating illustrations, she has a range of products including books, intention cards, prints, stickers, mugs, and posters. A creative powerhouse with an ever-expanding body of work that explores the search for peace in a chaotic world and invites you to connect with your innermost self.

Career map

November 2016
first instagram post

I started my instagram as a way to document my learning at a Teacher training and my subsequent travels after. It unfolded into what it is today after 6 years of continuously posting my illustrations. Any success I've had as an artist originates from this page. 
Photo credit: Isabelle Gabois Photography

January 2017
opened commissions

I opened up custom artwork (starting with portraits) and began offering customs throughout the years mostly of yoga portraits. I love doing these, to this day.

December 2018
Primary series poster

I collaborated with my local Ashtanga studio to illustrate a primary series poster. Had I known the amount of work it would take, I'm not sure I would have agreed to do it! It took 65+ individual illustrations and a TON of editing of software I was just learning how to understand.

It has since undergone many revisions and edits, and I also made cheat sheets (A4 size) and in January 2020, a poster of the Second series.

May 2019
How To Yoga, illustrated book

 I launched my first illustrated (and crowdfunded) book, How to Yoga in 2019 and left my 10 year long Makeup Artist career to pursue illustration full time.  Continuing to make products from my illustrations. Both myself and my collection of products.
Photo credit: Isabelle Gabois Photography

January 2020
Intermediate series poster

After starting intermediate series in 2019 I took on the challenge of creating a second poster. This and the Mini A4 version, are available in my Etsy shop.

Summer 2020
Launched Intention card deck

During the pandemic I made many coloring pages and shared them on my Patreon. They were a great way to keep calm and give others something to do during their lockdowns and quarantines. I used the original drawings from my Ashtanga posters to create detailed illustrations and turned them into a 25 card deck to offer myself and others some guidance during the Pandemic.

October 2020
Mandala drawing workshops

With the second wave of the pandemic in Montreal and another lockdown in full effect, I started hosting Mandala workshops online. It was a great way to connect and teach some of my favorite and most used drawing skills.

March 2021
Painting series 

With lockdowns and restrictions throughout the year, without the ability to travel or do much else, I started branching out into different art mediums: Alcohol based markers, acrylic, and then acrylic on canvas in a series of paintings I did based on my own complex relationship with myself and my past that many of us relived throughout the pandemic. 

Painting has given me the freedom of expression and interpretation I hadn't been able to access through illustrations. Working with different colours and mediums brought me pure joy and I would often spend the better part of a day in the Spring of 2021 painting. 

This series is now made up of 12 paintings and is a private collection.

May 2021
Mandala Drawing Kits

Inspired by my workshops, I put together a collection of products to help support your mandala drawing practice at home, including a recorded workshop, worksheets and a circle stencil to start your mandalas off. There was both a Bullet journal and Sketchbook variation of the Kit. 

Fall of 2021-Fall 2023 
Adventure or dreams wordless graphic novel

After a turbulent couple years I decided at the end of 2021 to document the inherent rollercoaster of recent years into a comic book about watching 2022 unfold in all it's ups and downs. This project with editing and illustrating took almost 2 years to complete and explores themes of isolation, resilience, escapism and finding joy in darker times.

Market Stall Winter 2023

I began market installation in December 2023 as a way to reach more people and connect with an audience in person

Gouache painting series Winter of 2024

A series of paintings exploring the medium of Gouache on Toned paper

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