About me

About me

My name is Alex Christie
Illustrator and content creator at Christie Creative.

I create art to inspire, teach and empower people to keep learning about themselves.
I started my @christiecreative account in 2016 during a yoga teacher training in India. I started posting my philosophy notes on Instagram and it quickly grew into a 36k+ community people looking to find healthy coping tools or better themselves.
I launched my first book crowdfunded by my followers in 2019.
I co hosted my first creativity and Yoga retreat in January 2020 and have been lucky enough to speak to schools about alternative career paths (such as travelling and illustration) as well as illustrate for books and publications and collaborations.

Before landing in Montreal, I traveled the world for years, living in many different cities and working various different jobs. Through the constant changes and fluctuations, I was able to see some commonalities we all have as people. One is that we have everything we need already within us, it's just a matter of tuning in.

I believe we are all creative, and by getting in touch with ourselves we can unleash this inner creative magic we all possess. I am looking at expanding my product line to create more products that can help people tap into this. A coloring book, sequencing deck for at home yoga practice and intention deck as well.

My mission is simply to spread the message of the power we all have within us and share what I learned with you through simple illustrations, whether that be yoga, art therapy or retreats. Especially this time, when many of us are working from home and forced to look inward, we need these resources more than ever.

Want to know more? Visit my Instagram or Youtube channel or check out my product line in my shop.