Adventure of dreams comic book-Limited print run

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*Through the end of 2023 each comic book order comes with a sticker of artwork from the comic book*

2 years in the making, this comic book represents those who are not on a straightforward path. The ups and down of life during difficult times, the isolation that can come with personal struggles and the promise that no matter how things are, they will always change. 

Illustrated through the year 2022, this illustrated story will take you through each season as it unfolds. 

Started after the first few difficult years of the pandemic, when life had crumbled around me. Having no idea what 2022 had in store but wanting to document that uncertainty and curiosity, I decided to turn it into a comic book. Illustrating it (by hand) as it unfolded.

It ended up being another turbulent year with housing instability and trying to patch the pieces of my life together while daydreaming as a respite from the sometimes difficult realities of life.

This comic book is for you if you need a reminder to hang on through tough times, that you are not alone or just want a fun read with unexpected twists and turns.

Limited Print Run