Commissions and custom illustrations

Below you can see some examples of what can be done with custom illustrations. Please contact me with any requests or questions.

Personalized illustrations have been used for gifts, home decor, book content, in Teacher trainings and promotional material, social media logos and even eco-friendly paper towels!

I can help you make your vision a reality!

If you feel inspired by what you see?  click here to Contact Me

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1:
What's a commission?

Commissions are work or services offered by an artist

FAQ 2:
How does it work?

You send me your idea with as many details as you want, and I send you a quote. If we're both happy with the quote I send you an invoice. Once paid, I start the commission and provide you with the draft. Once you accept the draft I finalize the commission and send it to you. And it's yours! Your own personal piece to share!

FAQ 3:
How much do commissions cost?

This depends completely on the piece. My commissions start at $60 usd for a simple and clean sketch style or pen and ink illustration. Just hit the contact me page and send me as many details as you can about the piece you want. I'm happy to answer your questions, and there's no commitment before the invoice is received.

FAQ 4:
How long do commissions take?

This really depends on the piece you want. Most of the pieces I do are watercolor yoga poses, if all emails are answered quickly, from invoicing to final product, the process usually takes 5-7 days